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Functional Medicine Holistic Health Consultation
Initially, we will do a thorough intake together and go over medical history, medications//supplements you may be on along with your diet, exercise regimen, lifestyle, and sleep habits.   After a thorough conversation, I will arm you with a wellness plan and information so that you can make informed decisions.  Whether that means making a doctor's appointment with your general practitioner to voice your questions and concerns, starting a new supplement protocol, changing your dietary habits, walking more often, practicing sleep hygiene,  getting your hormones balanced, etc.  I am here to support you and I like to tell my patient's that I like to meet them where they are.  So whether you like to change things one a time or make a total lifestyle change, I will help you to make it work.  I believe in a root-cause approach to medicine rather than a pill for ever ill style approach.  With that being said, I would be happy to work with your medical practitioners because I believe that communication is key.
Intake, 60 min consult, thorough personalized wellness plan (In-person, phone/Skype, or all done via email)
This plan is best for those who have 2-3 issues they would like to address.
This would also be a great plan for someone//a family who would like to overhaul their health/lifestyle.  I will help with products ranging from supplements to skincare to cleaning products making sure that you're using the highest quality, non-toxic products.  
Grocery Store Tour
Do you want to make healthy choices but just don't know where to start?  Is grocery shopping a stressful and overwhelming experience?  Are you confused by all of the labels and what they really mean?  Natural?  Non-GMO?  Organic? Vegan?  It can absolutely be difficult to decipher what is truly healthy versus well-marketed but unhealthy products.  I'm here to help you navigate the aisles of your favorite grocery stores so you can feel confident and comfortable with the choices you are making for you and your family.  I will teach you how to understand the nutrition facts and ingredients on food labels and explain what all of the marketing terminology really means.  I will also show you my favorite products and healthy snacks.  
$75/50 min 
$120/90 min
20-60 min from Swampscott will incur a travel charge.
Pantry Refresh and Organization
It is difficult to eat clean when you're surrounded by processed and tempting treats.  I believe that it's much easier to set yourself up for success surrounded by clean eats rather than constantly resisting temptations!  I will come into your home and go through all of your pantry items (even refrigerator//freezer time permitting) and show you what is clean & what you might not want to buy again.  I will also give you healthier alternatives to your favorite products or even your guilty pleasure snacks//desserts!  I will show you how to read labels and ingredient lists so that you can fill your pantry up with nutritious food that will nourish your body!  
For an additional fee (organization products not included) I will help you organize your pantry so everything is not only healthy but looks great and is easy to find!
$75/50 min
$120/90 min
20-60 min from Swampscott will incur a travel charge
(Organizational services starting at $60/hour--supplies not included)
Pantry Refresh and Organization//Grocery Store Tour Package
Pairing our 2 services together, you will be able to grocery shop for yourself and your family with ease, filling your pantry with delicious, real food!  You will learn how to navigate the grocery store confidently, knowing exactly how to select products.  See above for more detailed descriptions of each service.
$135/50 min grocery & 50 min pantry
$215/90 min grocery & 90 min pantry
(Organizational services starting at $60/hour--supplies not included)
Please contact me at for booking and more information!  
I look forward to seeing if we are a good fit and working together in the future!
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