Just in time for the modern world, the ConcealShield® takes privacy, security and EMF radiation protection to the next level!

The ConcealShield® Privacy, Security & EMF Protection Pouch incorporates advanced military-grade EMF shielding technology, capable of completely blocking all incoming and outgoing signals from electronic devices, including RFID, NFC, Cellular, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

5G Protection: DefenderShield® technology blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation from 0-10 GHz, which encompasses almost all frequencies used in the current 5G network.

Features at a Glance:

  • World’s best intrusion-proof faraday pouch with 360° military-grade EMF shielding
  • Anti-theft, anti-spying technology helps secure data and stop hacking of trackable items like cell phones, credit cards and passports
  • Protects from Radio Frequency (RF) EMF radiation emitted by cell phones and other small electronic devices to minimize health risks
  • Perfect For: Traveling, Crowded Public Events, Commuting, School, Business and Military applications

8 x 5.5 x .5

ConcealShield® Privacy Pouch by DEFENDER SHIELD

  • Just place your mobile phone, credit cards, passport, IDs or any other trackable items inside the ConcealShield® Privacy, Security & EMF Protection Pouch compartment with VELCRO® closure and they become undetectable.

    You’ll be off the grid and under the radar, while also minimizing the health risks of wireless EMF radiation exposure. In this day and age of computer hacks, identity theft, and mass surveillance, protecting our security and privacy is not a suggestion, but a requirement.

    To protect yourself from wireless EMF radiation while still being able to receive a phone signal, place your phone in one of the other two front pockets. Your device will still be able to transmit, but your body will be protected from wireless EMF emissions.

    For more peace of mind in this day and age, ConcealShield® is the perfect solution for traveling, commuting, school, business, and military applications. In addition, you can use ConcealShield® in crowded public spaces, such as festivals, concerts, or amusement parks!

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