Queen of teas. Rare and superior antioxidant content. Reliable immune support + energy.



  • Increase Satiety
  • Immune Support
  • Calm


  • Morning
  • Afternoon



  • Bai mudan specialty tea from the Fujian Province
  • Minimal oxidation means more catechins
  • Support digestion and daily immune function
  • No added anything – free of preservatives, sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Triple Toxin Screened for pesticides, heavy metals and toxic mold

Organic White Peony Tea by PIQUE TEA

  • Flower power.

    Don't let the delicate name fool you – she packs a punch. Hand-picked during the first flush of Spring harvest, White Peony consists of buds and leaves that are so young and fresh, they’re still covered with silvery white down. With less oxidation time than green and black teas, white tea preserves more catechins, making this brew a superior antioxidant infusion.

    Afternoon delight.

    White tea naturally supports digestion and has for centuries been recommended by Traditional Chinese Herbalists for its effect on absorption of fats and starches. This makes it the perfect after lunch choice... not to mention the gentle caffeine boost to buoy you through the afternoon.

    Enticing flavor.

    White peony is renowned for its rich, robust flavor. It’s considered to be mellow and earthy, but highlighted by sweet florals. It’s refreshing, smooth, full-bodied and fragrant.


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