We know you lick your lips. We all do. But most lip products are filled with ingredients that we don't want anywhere near our mouth. So we've created an easy swap that is free of parabens, heavy metals, artificial dyes/flavors, and any other common nasty ingredients that most of us have put on our lips at one point in our life.


Winter Games is hydrating enough to keep your lips soft through the driest of winters, but suitable for use every day of the year. 


Ultra-hydrating minty goodness with a light glossy finish.


Paradise is our first take on a lightly tinted lip that feels good, looks good, and is made of ingredients that we aren't afraid of getting into our bodies. 


Ultra-hydrating, subtle rosy tint with a light glossy finish.

Tinted Lip Treatment by TREAT YOURSELF

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    beeswax*, mango butter*,hemp seed oil*, jojoba oil*, coconut oil*, peppermint essential oil*,  rosemary antioxidant CO₂ extract*.


    beeswax*, mango butter*, jojoba oil*, coconut oil*, rosehip CO₂ extract*, alkanet root, rosemary antioxidant CO₂ extract*, essential oils of orange*, rose geranium* and chamomile*.

    *Certified Organic

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Hi!  I'm Paulina, a pharmacist with a passion for natural health, wellness, and beauty.  As a pharmacist, people are always asking me for recommendations or for me to review their medications and products.  I created The Farmacie Shop so that people could find products and brands that I believe in, in one convenient place.  Thanks for stopping in!

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