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BWO Ovum Balm is the new favorite and a spin off of the Ovum Oil… it goes on a bit thicker than the roller application which can be helpful for those who want to use a little more! This balm penetrates quickly giving you an instantly more plump & youthful glow by delivering essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins A, B3 & E into the skin. The high quality cholesterol found in our organic egg yolks (raised on Bigwoods Farm!) helps heal dry, damaged & hyperpigmented skin without the greasy mess.


Egg oil has been used in traditional medicine in Jewish, Greek, Arab, Chinese and Indian cultures for 1000’s of years. The process to make this oil is quite simple it just has many steps to get to the finished product. BWO collect the eggs from their hens, hard boil, peel, separate the golden yolks, dehydrate, powder, tincture and then distill the mixture into a pure oil.

What you have left is a beautiful liquid gold oil.

To make just 4 oz of Ovum Oil, they need to collect and process about 100 eggs.

They have blended their egg oil with jojoba infused with homegrown holy basil, chicory root & local beeswax. The resulting combination is this luxurious egg balm great for dry skin, acne prone skin, large pores, premature aging, eczema, burns & sun damage.


Holy Basil is a powerful pore cleansing adaptogen that can combat current but also future stresses to your skin. Chicory root is an amazing natural inflammation reducer because it contains beta-carotene, which increases collagen production.


BWO is careful to use a very small amount of the helichrysum essential oil to enhance the already beautiful, sweet smell the oil has on its own! Helichrysum also known as immortelle, the flowers and essential oil are used for their anti-aging properties.


*Bigwoods Organics products contain no preservatives or stabilizers, so if placed in a warm environment they may melt, causing separation. This is normal and does not cause any change in the product, simply mix gently and store in a cool place. Additionally, if placed in a cool environment they may be firmer. Refrigeration is recommended for a longer lasting shelf life.


15 mL


  • all organic >>> egg yolk oil from the Bigwoods Farm hens, unrefined jojoba infused with holy basil and chicory root from our very own gardens, local beeswax, VIT E, rosemary antioxidant CO2 extracted & helichrysum EO

  • Apply a small amount of balm to your face. The warmth from your body will immediately melt the balm and it will absorb quickly into your skin. Use as often as needed. We find the Ovum Oil to act more as a serum and the Ovum Balm to act more as a 2 in 1 …serum and moisturizer.

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