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About the Products

I know that delving into the natural beauty and skincare world can be a bit overwhelming.  Will it work?  Is it worth the price?  How long will it last?  Will it make me breakout?  Will putting an oil on my face make my oily skin more oily?  Years ago, I was asking myself the same questions!  I love and believe in all of the products in my store!  I have sensitive skin and none of the products have made me break out.  They all make my skin feel amazing & soft and even the smallest bottles last quite a while.

If you're nervous about spending the money because you're not sure whether or not you will like the product, the Good Medicine products are PERFECT!  I carry the "Mini" size which really isn't that mini...  You get a good amount of product and even better, you need a very small amount of product per use.  The "Mini" sizes should last you 3+ weeks unless you really like to load product on or plan on washing & moisturizing your face 25794759 times a day!  The "Mini" honey mask probably has 15-20+ uses in it because you really only need a thin layer!  

A little goes a LONG way when it comes to high-quality products.  Although these products might cost more than the TOXIC stuff at CVS, you'll use less!  Plus, you're not rubbing toxins into your skin!  

If you have any questions or are apprehensive about ordering a product because of price or size, just send me an email and I would be happy to describe the products to you in more detail!

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