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BWO Ovum Oil aka Oil of the Egg penetrates quickly giving you instantly a plumper & more youthful glow by delivering essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins A, B3 & E into the skin. The high-quality cholesterol found in BWO organic egg yolks (raised here on Bigwood’s Farm!) helps heal dry, damaged & hyperpigmented skin without the greasy mess.

Holy Basil and chicory root are also grown here on our farm and infused into this unforgettable golden egg oil! Holy Basil is a powerful pore cleansing adaptogen that can combat current but also future stresses to your skin. Chicory root is an amazing natural inflammation reducer because it contains beta-carotene, which increases collagen production.


Egg oil has been used in traditional medicine in Jewish, Greek, Arab, Chinese and Indian cultures for 1000’s of years. The process to make this oil is quite simple it just has many steps to get to the finished product. We collect the eggs from our hens, hard boil, peel, separate the golden yolks, dehydrate, powder, tincture and then distill the mixture into a pure oil.

What you have left is a beautiful liquid gold oil. To make just 4 oz of Ovum Oil we need to collect and process about 100 eggs.