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ION*Gut Health is a gut-strengthening, brain-boosting mineral supplement sourced from 60-million-year-old soil that naturally supports microbiome balance. The active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, has been shown to support the integrity of tight junctions in the gut lining, even in the face of damage from toxins such as glyphosate.


ION*Gut Health goes beyond other supplements to support your wellbeing at a foundational level. By laying that foundation with ION*Gut Health, you aren’t just supplementing; you're supporting.

ION Gut Health by ION BIOME

  • Purified water, Terrahydrite (Aqueous humic substances),
    and less than 1% mineral amino acid complexes.

  • Take 5 ml (a teaspoon) three times a day (before meals if you can).

    Sensitive usage: 3-5 drops twice daily increasing slowly as tolerated. Visit our FAQs for more details.

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